Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Data Analytics

Turn data into applicable insights to improve quality care and solve the challenges facing healthcare.

Advancements in healthcare and delivery of care require professionals who are capable of collecting, analyzing, and translating health data to inform strategic decisions and improve care management. The volume of digital health information continues to accelerate resulting in workforce demand and shortage of qualified workers. Earning your Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Data Analytics can fast-track your career growth and sharpen in-demand skills to lead in health informatics – healthcare’s fastest-growing field.

Program course structure

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Data Analytics program requires you to complete 12 credit hours of required courses. All courses are post-bachelors level and taught in eight-week terms, allowing you to take two courses each semester. The Healthcare Data Analytics certificate is two semesters in length, which is the time equivalent of six months. Presuming you choose to take a regular course load consisting of one course each eight-week term, two courses per semester. You may complete the program more quickly taking more than one course each eight-week term. 

Students who successfully earn the Healthcare Data Analytics certificate are able to:

  • Build a small relational database containing tables, views, and apply permissions to users using MySQL
  • Perform basic statistical analysis to drive (analytical) results
  • Apply advanced modeling and statistics using healthcare data to predict patient population trends
  • Import, analyze and visualize select data using R- a key open-source language for large data sets
  • Transform descriptive data statistics using visualizations through Tableau
  • Act as a liaison between clinicians, IT departments, and those conducting research

Enrolling in the graduate certificate program

Admission into this program is rolling, with three start dates each year (Summer, Fall and Spring semesters). Each semester will consist of two eight-week sessions.

Transfer credit policy

Upon acceptance, students may apply to transfer up to one, 3-credit course (maximum three semester credits) into the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Data Analytics program.

In order to be considered for transfer into the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Data Analytics program, the course must:

  • Be classified as graduate level.
  • Have been taken within five years of application.
  • Have been completed with a grade of “B” or better.
  • Be equivalent to one of the required program courses or an elective course that meets the goals of the student’s education.
  • To request consideration for transfer credit, a student must provide an official transcript and a course syllabus for each course. Your enrollment counselor or student support specialist can assist you with this request.

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