Rossi Public Health Scholarship

Rossi Public Health Scholarship

The Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation awarded the University of New England a grant to support scholarships for students in UNE Online’s Graduate Programs in Public Health. This will allow UNE to train public health workers who will hold positions in organizations and networks serving marginalized people in underserved Maine communities or who aspire to do so. These are partial scholarships that will cover (on average) half the total tuition for the following programs:

This program is designed to strengthen Maine’s public health workforce and benefit marginalized populations in Maine.

Interested applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to be considered for a Rossi scholarship:

  • Accepted to UNE Online’s Graduate Programs in Public Health
  • Able to complete their program by April 2026
  • Committed to completing field experience with a Maine organization
  • Committed to working in Maine as a public health professional upon graduation
  • Passionate about working with marginalized populations in Maine and/or has lived experience as a person from a marginalized population

Marginalized Communities
Marginalized people in Maine communities may be characterized by, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low-income
  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
  • LGBTQ+
  • People with disabilities
  • Justice-involved
  • Older Adults (65+)
  • Substance use and recovery
  • Geographically isolated
  • Unhoused/homeless
  • New Mainers (immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers)
  • Veterans

Scholarship Application Process

Applications are currently closed. Please continue to monitor this webpage for future availability

Please direct all questions to Ed Cervone: