Master of Social Work Program Tuition & Fees

Learn more about the Mas­ter of Social Work cost at UNE:
Appli­ca­tion Fee (non-refund­able)
Gen­er­al Ser­vices Fee (per semes­ter, non-refund­able)
Tuition (per cred­it hour)
Mal­prac­tice Insur­ance Fee (annu­al, non-refund­able)
Tech­nol­o­gy Fee  (per semes­ter, non-refund­able)
Reg­is­tra­tion Fee (non-matric­u­lat­ed stu­dents per semes­ter)


  • 2018–2019 Mas­ter of Social Work costs (tuition and fees) are sub­ject to change.
  • Stu­dents are expect­ed to pay for text­books and mate­ri­als at the begin­ning of the semes­ter.
  • Books, sup­plies and oth­er items avail­able at the UNE Book­store or through oth­er online chan­nels.
  • For offi­cial finan­cial infor­ma­tion and poli­cies, please vis­it Stu­dent Finan­cial Ser­vices.
  • For more infor­ma­tion on Mil­i­tary and Vet­er­an ben­e­fits, please vis­it, Vet­er­an Edu­ca­tion Ben­e­fits

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