Master of Social Work Program Tuition & Fees

Learn more about the Master of Social Work cost at UNE:

Application Fee (non-refundable)
General Services Fee (per semester, non-refundable)
Tuition (per credit hour)
Malpractice Insurance Fee (annual, non-refundable)
Technology Fee  (per semester, non-refundable)
Registration Fee (non-matriculated students per semester)


  • 2019-20 Master of Social Work costs (tuition and fees) are subject to change.
  • Students are expected to pay for textbooks and materials at the beginning of the semester.
  • Books, supplies and other items available at the UNE Bookstore or through other online channels.
  • For official financial information and policies, please visit Student Financial Services.
  • For more information on Military and Veteran benefits, please visit, Veteran Education Benefits


Call or email to speak to an enrollment counselor:

(877) 863-6791