Master of Social Work (MSW) Tuition & Fees

Learn more about the Master of Social Work (MSW) cost at UNE:

Application Fee (non-refundable)
General Services Fee (per semester, non-refundable)
Tuition (per credit hour)
Malpractice Insurance Fee (annual, non-refundable)
Technology Fee  (per semester, non-refundable)
Registration Fee (non-matriculated students per semester)


  • 2021-2022 Master of Social Work costs (tuition and fees) are subject to change.
  • Students are expected to pay for textbooks and materials at the beginning of the semester.
  • Books, supplies, and other items are available at the UNE Bookstore or through other online channels.
  • For official financial information and policies, please visit Student Financial Services.
  • For more information on Military and Veteran benefits, please visit, Veteran Education Benefits




If you have any questions about application requirements, the coursework or program requirements, please speak to one of our enrollment counselors at the email or phone number below.