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Helping you navigate the world of online learning

Student support

At UNE, we are committed to providing our online students with the highest level of academic and personal support as they continue their education. UNE’s online programs in education were created to fit the schedule of busy teachers and school leaders, and as such we realize that students in these programs need easy access to resources that can help them manage the degree requirements, along with their career and home life.

Student resources – a quick list

UNE offers a variety of academic, technical, and administrative support to assist you

As soon as you begin your application, a dedicated Enrollment Counselor will guide you throughout the entire application process. Upon entering the program, our Student Support Specialist will be there to provide support and answer any questions you may have – from questions on textbooks, to registration, to financial aid and more. This support is provided in addition to the tremendous support you receive from program staff, your academic advisor, course instructors and fellow classmates.

Education program support

Your student support specialist is your contact within the UNE. They will help you with:

  • Notifications about textbooks and other course resources
  • Posting announcements about course or schedule revisions

You’re encouraged to contact your student support specialist for:

  • Assistance with course registration
  • Change of address, phone, or email
  • If you are having difficulty contacting a faculty member
  • If you have difficulty navigating the course site or using course tools
  • General course information or questions

Your Education Student Support Specialists

  • Courtney Melville, Student Support Specialist for Science Prerequisite courses

    Courtney Melville

    Student Support Specialist
    (207) 221-4968 |

    Courtney ensures success for the Doctor of Education student population.

  • Gregory Andrews, Student Support Specialist

    Gregory Andrews

    Student Support Specialist
    (207) 221-4746 |

    Greg ensures success for the Master of Education, CAGS, and Master's in Medical Education Leadership (MMEL) student populations.

  • Jason Asdourian, UNE Online Student Support Specialist

    Jason Asdourian

    Student Support Specialist
    (207) 221-4943 |

    Jason ensures success for the Master of Education, CAGS and Post-Master's Certificate student populations.

  • Nhi Mulkern, M.A. Student Support Specialist

    Nhi Mulkern

    Student Support Specialist
    (207) 221-4837 |

    Nhi ensures success for the Doctor of Education student population.


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