Applied Nutrition Faculty & Staff

Helping enhance, expand, and enrich learning opportunities for UNE students

Our Applied Nutrition faculty consists of a growing team of scholars and clinicians. Most hold doctoral degrees and many hold advanced clinical certifications representing a variety of specialty training areas, and are subject matter experts both from within and outside of the university. 

Our goal is to prepare you to be a well-qualified Applied Nutrition practitioner with in-depth knowledge of nutrition and the insight into data-driven techniques and strategies to become a leader in your field.

World class instructional design

Faculty and subject matter experts work in partnership with UNE Online’s in-house instructional designers to ensure a pedagogically-sound and efficient online learning experience in each course.  

Additionally, in order to adhere to best practices, all UNE Online courses are adaptive and use universal design standards. Curriculum assessment and revision is regularly conducted in partnership with the UNE Online program teaching faculty and internal/external subject matter experts.

Expert faculty

Our nutrition faculty are subject matter experts in nutrition and business/marketing with practical experience in the field of applied nutrition.

Are you interested in becoming an Adjunct Faculty member for the UNE Online Applied Nutrition program? UNE Online seeks Adjunct Faculty who are current professionals in nutrition and/or currently teach in the field of nutrition. Click here to email your resume.

Academic Leadership

Ellie Dodge, M.S., Ph.D.

Director, Graduate Programs in Applied Nutrition

(207) 221-4785

Academic Administration

Faculty Spotlight: Angelina Moore Maia, PhD, RD, LD, Applied Nutrition Program Assistant Director, Graduate Programs in Applied Nutrition for students looking to get a Master’s degree in nutrition online

Angelina Maia, Ph.D.

Assistant Program Director

(207) 221-4759

Adjunct Faculty

The list below appears in alphabetical order by last name. Click on the faculty name to view full biographical information.

  • Stacy Blondin

    Stacy Blondin

    Off Campus

  • Marie Boyle

    Marie Boyle

    Off Campus



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