Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study Offerings

Earn your CAGS Online at University of New England 

Our online Certificates of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) are designed to help you advance your teaching abilities and cover a range of educational and leadership topics. These post–master’s in education CAGS programs are comprised of high quality and innovative curricula that will teach skills immediately applicable in the classroom.

CAGS Concentrations

  • Advanced Educational Leadership – A 30-credit online program, the Advanced Educational Leadership Certificate is for professional educators who are pursuing upper-level school administrator positions.
  • Curriculum & Instruction Strategies – a 15-credit online program, the Curriculum Instruction Certificate is for professional K-12 educators who would like to develop better curriculum, become better leaders, and advance their inclusion teaching methods.
  • Educational Leadership – A 15-credit online program, the Educational Leadership Certificate is for professional K-12 educators who are considering school administration. These courses are matched to the national standards set by the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium, (ISLLC) and provide entry–level knowledge and skill for beginning school administrators.
  • Inclusion Education – A 15-credit online program, the Inclusion Education Certificate is for educators, both teachers and administrators, who wish to have more background in special education with respect to inclusion practices and concerns.
  • Leadership, Ethics & Change – A 15-credit online program, the Leadership Ethics Certificate is for professional educators who are pursuing school administrator positions. The certificate program includes a 15-week internship experience.
  • Literacy (K–12) – A 15-credit online, the Literacy Certificate program is for K-12 educators who wish to delve deeper into the importance of reading and writing for all students to be successful.
  • Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach K-12 – A 15-credit hour online program that provides educators with Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach certification.

These post–master’s in education programs give educators the tools to make a difference in their community as well as their career.

After completing a CAGS program, students should be able to:

  • Apply research results to leadership decisions.
  • Describe the requirements of the ISLLC standards.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of specialized knowledge and skills about school administration.
  • Exhibit leadership skills in an actual school administrative settings.

Gainful Employment Disclosure – Year 1
Gainful Employment Disclosure – Year 2


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