What Is Health Informatics?

In this emerging field, the question “What is Health Informatics?” is commonly asked. By definition, Health Informatics connects people, technology, and data to better improve healthcare outcomes and safety by supporting operational and technological advancements globally.

Health Informatics:

  • Drives operational efficiencies that enable streamlined comprehensive care and the protection of patient data
  • Covers health data collection, storage, extraction, manipulation, reporting, and communications through technologies like wearables, Apps, and Telehealth
  • Includes the d>esign, configuration, and management of health information and clinical support systems

The infographic below, created by UNE Online, provides key insights into the emerging field of Health Informatics, providing insight on its growth trends, employment opportunities, median salaries & more.

Key Insights include:

  • A career field growing at 10-times the industry rate
  • Tangible salary opportunities
  • Nearly 210,000 nursing informatics positions forecasted in the next 10 years

Learn more about the opportunities that await in the field of Health Informatics:

What is health informatics?



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