MSW Advanced Standing Degree Requirements

Review the degree requirements for our MSW Advanced Standing track

*Please review the UNE Academic Catalog for the full and most up-to-date Master of Social Work degree course descriptions and program information.

All Master of Social Work (MSW) students in the Advanced Standing track are required to complete 32 credit hours of coursework.

Required Coursework for the Advanced Standing Track

SSWO 526Integrating Clinical / Community Practice Frameworks(Credits: 3)
SSWO 552Advanced Clinical Practice I(Credits: 3)
SSWO 553Advanced Clinical Practice II(Credits: 3)
SSWO 565Administration & Supervision(Credits: 3)
SSWO 580Field Practicum III / Seminar(Credits: 4)
SSWO 582Field Practicum IV / Seminar(Credits: 4)
SSWO 585Substance Abuse: A Social Work Perspective(Credits: 3)
SSWO 597Advanced Psychological Assessment(Credits: 3)



SSWO 564Program Dev & Community Practice(Credits: 2)
SSWO 571SW Practice w/ Groups(Credits: 2)
SSWO 585Substance Abuse(Credits: 2)
SSWO 607SW Practice w/ LGBTQ Individuals, Families, and Groups(Credits: 2)
SSWO 611Social Work Practice and Intimate Partner Violence(Credits: 2)
SSWO 613Advanced Trauma-Based Practice(Credits: 2)
SSWO 618Homelessness and Social Work(Credits: 2)
SSWO 627Pyschopharmacology: Drugs / Behavior(Credits: 2)
SSWO 628Use of Creative Arts in Social Work Practice(Credits: 2)
SSWO 633Social Work Practice with Child, Adolescent, Parent(Credits: 2)
SSWO 635Aging and Health(Credits: 2)
SSWO 642Narrative Therapy(Credits: 2)
SSWO 650Trauma Informed Theory/Practice(Credits: 2)
SSWO 657SW Practice w/ Military and Family(Credits: 2)
SSWO 670Grief, Loss, Death and Dying in Social Work(Credits: 2)
SSWO 673Social Work and the Law(Credits: 2)
SSWO 685Comm Organizing/Comm Building(Credits: 2)


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Interprofessional Electives

MSW students also have the option to take electives from other UNE Online graduate programs. A full list of these interprofessional courses can be found here:

Shared Interprofessional Course List

Advanced Standing Degree Requirements for the Master of Social Work Degree

  • 32 credits
  • 6 starts per year
  • 10 courses
  • One field practicum for 500 hours*

*Our Master of Social Work online program is aligned with State of Maine social work licensing requirements. We encourage you to research the licensing requirements for the state in which you intend to practice.

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