Balancing health data sharing – public health vs patient privacy

As of April 2020, approximately 30 countries have taken action to enable digital technology as a containment strategy for COVID-19. Through the use of these apps, combined with health data sharing capabilities, health systems must balance the good of the public health with patient privacy regulations to preserve and strengthen public trust in health technology.

Across Europe, several countries are discovering this rapid response to critical treatment through data and health data sharing may help reshape the future of healthcare and serve as a leading model for future use.

“Some of these have been snap responses but they are generally positive and will pave the way for people to come together and say that we need a proposition for taking things further in the future. Through this crisis we are really understanding the power of using data differently…these experiences will help us to think more constructively about how health data can be used for public good.”

Petra Wilson, Director at the Personal Connected Health Alliance

News apps and digital technologies continue to emerge provoking widespread debate on the subject. As data continues to power and improve connected health capabilities across the field, digital-first strategies are proving successful long-term solutions for advanced care management.

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