Resources for Current and Prospective Public Health Students

Helping you navigate the world of online learning

At UNE, we are committed to providing our students with the highest level of academic and personal support possible. Our online public health programs were created with the working professional in mind, and as such we realize that students need easy access to resources that can help them manage the degree requirements alongside their career and home life.

Student resources – a quick list

Public Health Program Support for Current Students

Upon acceptance, your student support specialist will be your primary contact at the online College of Graduate & Professional Studies.

Our student support specialists understand that you need fast and easy access to resources to help you manage your degree requirements along with your career and home life, and are committed to providing you and all of our online students with the highest level of academic and personal support.

Your student support specialist can help you with the following:

  • Notifications about textbooks and other course resources
  • Posting announcements about course or schedule revisions
  • Assistance with course registration
  • Change of address, phone, or email
  • Contacting a faculty member
  • Navigating the course site or using course tools
  • General course information or questions

Dedicated Public Health Student Support Specialists

  • Kathryn Doiron

    Kathryn Doiron

    Student Support Specialist

    (207) 221-4919


  • Stacy Mears

    Stacy Mears

    Student Support Specialist I


  • Hayley Van Valen

    Hayley Van Valen

    Senior Student Support Specialist

    (207) 221-4944

  • Zachary York

    Zachary York

    Student Support Specialist II

    (207) 221-4922

    MSEd, PMC, and CAGS

Academic Advising

In addition to your student support specialist you will also be assigned an academic advisor, who has both teaching and administrative responsibilities within GPPH.

Your dedicated academic advisor can help you with the following:

  • Selecting electives appropriate to the student’s public health goals
  • Professional mentoring to students
  • Brainstorming career options
  • Networking/extracurricular activities
  • Advising specific to the public health field

Your academic advisor will send you an introduction email towards the end of your first course. This email will contain instructions on how you can book your first appointment.

Students are required to check-in with their academic advisor at least three times during their MPH program:

  • Term B or the student’s 1st semester in the program
  • Following completion of 21-credits/Before Applied Practice Experience (APE)
  • Prior to the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE)

Academic Advisors for the Graduate Programs in Public Health


  • Titi Balogun 2019

    Titilola Balogun , MBBS, MPH, DrPH

    Assistant Director, Public Health Practice

    (207) 221-4689


    DrPH University of Texas School of Public Health
    MPH University of Texas School of Public Health
    MBBS Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria


    Community Health Practice
    Maternal and Child Health
    Adolescent Health

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    3. Balogun, T., Troisi, C., Swartz, M. D., Lloyd, L., & Beyda, R. (2018). Does juvenile detention impact health? Journal of Correctional Health Care, 24(2), 137-144. doi:10.1177/1078345818763174
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  • Jennifer R. Ceide , MPH, CHES

    Assistant Director, Public Health Workforce Development

    (207) 221-4879


    M.P.H., Health Education and Communication, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, 2018
    B.S., Community Health Education, City University of New York, 2009


    Program Planning and Evaluation

  • carol ewan whyte

    Carol J. Ewan Whyte , Ph.D., M.Sc.

    Assistant Director, Public Health Research & Service

    (207) 221-4128


    Ph.D. The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica
    M.Sc. The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica
    B.Sc. (Hons) The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica


    Career Coaching
    Cultural Competency
    Global Health
    Health Disparities
    Health Literacy
    Healthy Aging
    Maternal and Child Health
    Research Project Development and Management
    Women’s Health

  • Carry Buterbaugh

    Carry Oostveen-Buterbaugh , Ph.D., M.S.

    Assistant Director, Public Health Thesis Advising

    (207) 221-4791


    Ph.D. University of Southern Maine
    M.S. Clemson University
    B.S. University of Utrecht


    Program Evaluation
    Quantitative & qualitative research methods
    Rural Health
    Health Disparities

  • Tracey Spinato

    Tracey Spinato , MSW, MPH

    Assistant Director, Career Services in Public Health

    (207) 221-4916


    MSW Tulane School of Social Work
    MPH Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine


    Behavioral Health
    Adolescent Health
    Trauma Informed Care
    Reproductive Health



If you have any questions about the coursework or the program requirements, please speak to one of our enrollment counselors at the email or phone number below.



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