Accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)

UNE CEPH accreditation affirms the quality of UNE’s graduate programs in Public Health. 

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The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) is an independent agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit schools of public health and public health programs offered in settings other than schools of public health. 

About UNE’s public health CEPH accreditation

In June of 2019, the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) awarded the University of New England’s Graduate Programs in Public Health a 7-year accreditation – the maximum amount of time possible under CEPH guidelines.

UNE’s Graduate Programs in Public Health first earned CEPH accreditation in October of 2011, and have been continuously accredited since that time.

Accreditation evolves to stay relevant

As the public health workforce evolves, public health education must evolve as well. Therefore, the standards set by CEPH can, and do change over time. This is why the reaccreditation process is so important. Our recent 7-year reaccreditation from CEPH ensures that our Master of Public Health program meets the most up-to-date standards set by the Council.

 To review some of the recent upgrades UNE has made to evolve with the Council’s standards, click here.

*The 2018 self-study submitted to CEPH and the CEPH team report regarding the 2018 site visit are available upon request. To obtain a copy, please email

UNE CEPH accreditation attests to the quality of UNE’s educational program

  • For graduates, it promotes professional mobility and enhances employment opportunities in positions that base eligibility upon graduation from an accredited school or program.
  • For prospective students, accreditation serves a consumer protection purpose. It provides assurance that the school or program has been evaluated and has met accepted standards established by and with the profession.
  • For prospective employers, it provides assurance that the curriculum covers essential skills and knowledge needed for today’s jobs.
  • For public health workers, it involves practitioners in the establishment of standards and assures that educational requirements reflect the current training needs of the profession.
  • For the profession, it advances the field by promoting standards of practice and advocating rigorous preparation.

The University of New England is listed on CEPH’s “Schools of Public Health and Public Health Programs” list. To view UNE’s listing on the official CEPH website, click here. The CEPH website also has an extensive FAQ section on the importance of accreditation


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