Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health 

UNE Chapter, Gamma Chi 

Delta Omega LogoFounded in 1924, Delta Omega is a national honorary society comprised of CEPH-accredited programs and schools of public health. Delta Omega exists to encourage research and scholarship among graduate students of public health and to recognize attainment and achievement in the field of public health. With over 50 active chapters, Delta Omega and its members are dedicated to ensuring the quality of the field of public health and to the protection and advancement of the health of all people.

UNE’s chapter of Delta Omega, Gamma Chi, was established in the spring of 2014. On an annual basis, a select number of top-performing Master of Public Health (MPH) students are granted membership into Gamma Chi. Members enjoy a variety of benefits, including access to a number of leadership development and publication opportunities, professional networking events, and discounted resources.

Gamma Chi New Chapter Award Certificate MPHIn the fall of 2014, Gamma Chi was named the “New Chapter of the Year” by the Delta Omega National Council. This honor is awarded to new chapters, established for three years or less, that have displayed the most activity, service, and participation.


Gamma Chi Member List

2019 Inductees

  • Mansoor Shafqat
  • Shirley Madewell
  • Bonnie Decker
  • Annissa Biggane
  • Evan Barnathan
  • Ciara Faupel
  • Lauren Flores
  • Kristen MacKay
  • Jordan Stenzel
  • Amber Stanley
  • Puneet Saini
  • D Rike Sterrett
  • Lynette Spencer
  • Maria Tsethlikai
  • Alexis Smith
  • Aimei Wu
  • Gabrielle Lanich
  • Frank Okafor
  • Rudmila Choudhury
  • Carole Smith
  • Kayla Hersey
  • Elizabeth Burke

2018 Inductees

  • Lizbeth Barriteau
  • Emily Bartlett
  • Whitney Bickford
  • Robert Cooney
  • Rowland Dada
  • Christina Dematteo
  • Brittany Grant
  • Thomas Harper
  • Katharine Hoffman
  • Shantricia Johnson-Colbert
  • Sheenamelia Jones
  • Ugochi Kalu
  • Angela Mason
  • Ariella Ortiz
  • Lorinda Payton
  • Stephanie Rodriguez-Moser
  • Melanie Rogers
  • Iris Perez
  • Jaideep Sandhu
  • Aloma Spencer-Johnson
  • Courtney Vannah

2017 Inductees

  • Carley Anderson
  • Adam Barefoot
  • Alison Braid
  • Lauren Daniels
  • Tessa Donoghue-Neider
  • Francisca Essandoh
  • Colleen Loveless
  • Clare O’Grady
  • Erica Sarapas
  • Cristina Schreckinger Rodas
  • Ryan Uy
  • Lisa Vreeland

2016 Inductees

  • Nicole Kaspar
  • Amanda Langley
  • Jeremie Laraque-Two Elk
  • Brooke Libby
  • Priscilla Marbell
  • Richard Meinking
  • Kenneth Mensah
  • Samantha Paradis
  • Deborah Taylor
  • Catherine Thiel

2015 Inductees

  • Jennifer Autodore
  • Craig Booker
  • Nancy Brundage
  • Stephanie Deivert
  • Ashley Devereaux
  • Bridget Furchak
  • Caroline Panter
  • Brittany Roy
  • Renee Bousquet
  • Alexjandro Daviano
  • Doreen Fanton
  • Mona Haimour
  • Leslie Ouelette
  • Nicole Corso
  • Dada Anidiobu
  • Kelly McLaughlin
  • Peter Herrick

  • Charles Snyder

  • Michael Chao
Collyn Baeder
Zoe Hull

2014 Inductees

  • Zaira Chaudhry
  • Leah Coplon
  • Jordan Ehni
  • Kelly Hickman
  • Ian Imbert
  • John Macdonald
  • Gretchen Pianka
  • Heather Rhodes




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