8 UNE Online student facts that may surprise you

You know UNE Online as accredited and highly ranked online graduate and professional studies university focused on collaboration.

But did you know:

  1. UNE Online is a dynamic, multi-dimensional distance learning experience with a learner-centered approach. UNE has 12,000 studens total, and 5,436 of those are currently enrolled as online-only students.
  2. Online learning at UNE is specifically designed to accommodate professional schedules and different learning styles. Following this model, we have seen a 28% increase in enrollments in just three years.
  3. We strive to foster collaborative learning communities within all UNE Online programs and courses. Our students hail from all 50 states.
  4. At UNE, we believe that a successful student is a supported student. Our student support specialists work with students living in 26 countries around the world.
  5. 77% of our online students are women. And regardless of gender, UNE offers a variety of academic, technical, and administrative support to assist you on your academic journey.
  6. When you begin your application, you will have a dedicated Enrollment Counselor available to you, to guide you throughout the admissions process. Which is especially helpful for the 13% of students who transfer in credits from another school.
  7. Upon acceptance into your program, your Student Support Staff member is your contact within the UNE system, providing support and acting as your advocate within the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. And this is true whether you choose to go part time like 84% of our student population, or attend full time as 16% of our students do.
  8. Student Financial Services is dedicated to helping you and other online students navigate the financial aid process. in fact, 66% of our online students receive financial aid.

Bonus fact:

UNE Online has a 96% retention rate.  This means we work hard to ensure your success during your student journey.