Introducing Four New Graduate Certificates in Healthcare Administration

UNE is excited to announce four new Graduate Certificates in the field of Healthcare Administration! Each Certificate is comprised of four courses and can be completed in as little as six months.

Earn a career-enhancing Healthcare Administration Graduate Certificate in:

Students may complete their program faster by taking more than one health administration course each eight-week session upon approval from their student support specialist.

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts ten-year career growth to reach 20% by 2026 – and as a result, healthcare faces an immediate need for people who are equipped with the skills to propel the industry and their organization forward.

Healthcare Administration Certificate Structure:



Each course has been designed by industry experts & administrators with employer demand in mind.


Months to Complete

Gain advanced credentials in one semester, or less, with dedicated coaching & support.


Week Course Length

Concentrated learning with ready-to-use skills for healthcare management.

Modern healthcare demands innovative health leaders with advanced business skills and people management expertise

These four new Healthcare Administration Graduate Certificates prepare you to organize key healthcare resources, develop efficient strategies for administrative success, and examine the latest technologies – so you can do your part to improve the quality of care and increase access to care for your community.

Courses taught by scholar-practitioners

Your courses will be taught by seasoned faculty who are not only experts in their own realm, but are current practitioners in their field as well. You will receive hands-on learning that will translate to a tangible value you can apply to your organization.

Each course is delivered in a 100% online, asynchronous format suited to accommodate the needs of your professional schedule.

Advance your career with a Graduate Certificate:

Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management

Learn to lead confidently

Healthcare staff are in charge of critical aspects of emergency management from preparation through recovery. They are trained in skills needed to offer aid in all types of emergency situations, including natural disasters, pandemic outbreaks, acts of terrorism, and other tragedies.

Job security

Hospital organizations are looking for health professionals who can reduce chaos with firm instruction, precise care coordination, and a focused order of procedure.

Hospitals continue to adopt emergency management systems that assist healthcare staff with the planning and response during crises to best meet the needs of their community.

Term One

8 weeks

GPH 709: Public Health Emergency Preparedness

8 weeks

GPH 722: Introduction to Environmental Health

Term Two

8 weeks

HCA 630: Healthcare Law & Ethics

8 weeks

HCA 705: Emergency Management

Graduate Certificate in Health Data Quality

Secure data impacts decisions 

Healthcare data is the fastest growing data segment across all occupations. Widespread use of digitized communication, health records, and patient care has led to expectations that the volume of global health data will grow at a rate of 48% annually.

Healthcare operations and delivery of effective care are relying more and more on accurate, secure data.

Currently, health data can originate and pass through several channels and present itself in varying formats, which requires diverse and complex standards crafted by those with current data know-how.

Learn modern healthcare tech trends

Apply healthcare quality framework in real-life applications, and discover best practices for advancing patient experience of care in compliance with intricate legal regulations.

Get an edge in the industry

As healthcare data matures in complexity, meeting the challenges facing healthcare will demand agility, learning, and contemporary thinking.

Term One

8 weeks

HIN 605: Introduction to Health Informatics

8 weeks

HCA 610: Healthcare Quality for Enhanced Value-Based Patient Outcomes

Term Two

8 weeks

HIN 735: End-User Experience Monitoring and Data

8 weeks

HCA 760: Healthcare Finance and Revenue Cycle Strategy

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

The healthcare workforce has changed

Healthcare is experiencing periods of unprecedented change and challenge. As continued developments are introduced across the industry, healthcare systems are changing leadership requirements for skills, credentials or expertise.

Healthcare leadership faces the task of doing more with less, meeting the widespread growth of consumerism across patients, keeping pace with rapid gains in healthcare technology advancements, and aiming attention towards population health management among top responsibilities within their roles.

Healthcare leadership demands are evolving

Healthcare organizations are demanding leaders who demonstrate competency in change management, a talent for influencing rather than instructing, strategic problem solving, and an instinct for innovative thinking.

Successful leaders understand industry demands

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management will prepare you to master the leadership skills and capabilities required to succeed as a healthcare manager and lead your team using best practices in communication, strategy, and collaboration.

You will learn contemporary workforce skills that allow you to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Term One

8 weeks

HCA 601: Introduction to Health Administration

8 weeks

HCA 630: Healthcare Law and Ethics

Term Two

8 weeks

HCA 720: Leadership and Strategic Management in Healthcare Settings

8 weeks

HCA 765: Communication for Healthcare Leaders

Graduate Certificate in Health Policy, Law, & Compliance

Redesigned models of health require compliance

Modern healthcare compliance and policy regulations exist to improve the patient experience of care and outcomes, but the standards that help to govern and enforce protecting those efforts within healthcare are growing increasingly complex.

Organizations are required to maintain compliance with many federal and state-level entities in observance of current healthcare policies. As a result, healthcare organizations need teams of competent experts to manage and implement existing regulations.

Compliance career opportunities

The broad applications of healthcare compliance span both direct and indirect points of care within the industry including hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and insurance providers.

Prepare for career advancement

The Graduate Certificate in Health Policy, Law, and Compliance gives you understanding of the healthcare regulatory framework. You will get insight into the policies that shape American healthcare, and strengthen the skills you need to advocate for advanced care.

Term One

8 weeks

HCA 601: Introduction to Health Administration

8 weeks

HIN 625: Health Information Legislation, Compliance, Privacy and Security

Term Two

8 weeks

HCA 630: Healthcare Law & Ethics

8 weeks

GPH 702: An Interprofessional Approach to Policy and Advocacy

Apply your credits toward a master’s degree 

Students who successfully complete any of these four Graduate Certificates have the opportunity to stack their earned credits and apply them towards a Master of Healthcare Administration degree.

Concentrated program delivers ready-to-use skills

These four Graduate Certificates require you to complete 12 graduate-level credit hours taught in eight-week terms, allowing you to take two courses each term.

Each Certificate is two semesters in length, which is the time equivalent of eight months. You can take one course at a time and complete in 32 weeks, or you can choose to accelerate the process and taking more than one course each eight-week term, and complete the program in six months or less.

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