Infographic: Education Faculty by the Numbers

Faculty for the Graduate Programs in Education at UNE Online are integral to our students’ success. These tremendous professionals teach and mentor through a scholar-practitioner model because they see our students as their future peers. Calling on their experience as public school hiring managers, our instructors connect every lesson to professional situations and cultivate the skills they know are required for success.

Education faculty by the numbers

We’ve created this infographic as a way to visually represent some of the amazing credentials our faculty embody.

Graduate Programs in Education Faculty Infographic

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Praise for our education faculty

“Our scholar-practitioner model is incredibly powerful. As educators, we come to grips at some point that a lot of the theory we learn in our prep is hard to see implemented unless you have someone standing by your shoulder telling you that ‘right there, that is Piaget,’ and our faculty is able do just that because they can talk the talk and walk the walk. They’re teaching and running schools and working with our students to push them to learn that there is method and there is theory and that you need to be able to articulate both to others so that the model works.”

“Our faculty, including myself, are doing the front line work every day. We know what’s happening in schools and so the transfer of that knowledge to our students is real for them, and they get it. We also have faculty who are responsible for hiring, so they are uniquely positioned to understand the skills needed and required to get a job in the field and are able to pass that information on to our students.”

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