3 Top Ways Nutrition Can Protect Your Health During a Pandemic

Discovering creative ways to adjust to a new, temporary way of living demands flexibility and patience. As many prioritize their personal health to reduce exposure to the coronavirus, nutrition remains an essential piece of the regimen to help strengthen your immune system and overall health.

Maintaining a well-balanced, nutritious food routine can be challenging even in optimal conditions. With protective guidelines adding a new layer of complexity and making proper food choices for you and your family seem less convenient or accessible, accomplished members of the American Society for Nutrition share expert tips to prove that making simple, everyday steps can lead to improved overall health through nutrition.

Part of their top 3 steps include manageable suggestions for putting these steps into action, such as:

  • Which nutrition-packed foods as best for building up your pantry
  • How to incorporate your children in the planning and prep
  • Making the mealtime experience stress free and involved

Staying committed to healthy eating and safe food practices will help ensure a stronger, better performing immune system and lead to improved overall health for you and your family. 

Read the full story at American Society for Nutrition.

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