Infographic: The building blocks of high-quality online education

UNE Online Achievements 2020 Infographic – committed to high-quality online education

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Since 1831, the University of New England has been committed to providing students with a high-quality education.

In 2009, UNE entered the online education space, and here at UNE Online, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at the University of New England, we have expanded our commitment to excellence ever since.

We are continually innovating in the field of online education and beyond – and it shows. Despite a global pandemic and multiple other outside influences, we got a lot done in the realm of high-quality online education at CGPS in 2020.

For those of you who love numbers, here are a few that we’re proud of:

  • 583 graduates
  • 2,038 students enrolled in certificate or degree programs
  • 5,558 students enrolled in at least one science prerequisite course
  • 15 brand new online courses
  • 34 courses completely redesigned from the ground up
  • 77 courses substantively edited based on student and faculty feedback
  • 297 courses received standard updates
  • 725 instructional videos created
  • 6,870 minutes of video transcribed or captioned for accessibility
  • 100% commitment to high-quality online education

We launched 8 new programs:

  1. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Focus Area for the M.S. in Applied Nutrition
  2. Master of Healthcare Administration
  3. Graduate Certificate in Designing Learning Experiences
  4. Graduate Certificate in Teaching Online
  5. Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management
  6. Graduate Certificate in Health Data Quality
  7. Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management
  8. Graduate Certificate in Health Policy, Law, and Compliance
  9. …Plus 9 new science prerequisite courses!

High-quality online education

UNE Online lives out our commitment to excellence by continually seeking out constructive feedback from our students and instructors – term after term – and then using that feedback to revise and upgrade our programs and high-quality online education as a whole. Courses are refreshed regularly with new curricula focused on issues important to employers in order to provide students with the relevant knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders and shape the future of their respective industries.


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