Social Workers Are All Around Us [Infographic]

Social workers are indeed all around us. The following infographic shows six key fields in which social workers have a dramatic and positive impact on the community. The six fields outlined include private practice, schools, criminal justice and corrections, hospitals, community organizations, corporations, and nonprofits.

Infographic: Social Workers Everywhere

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Private Practice

Whether as mental health counselors, LCSWs, couples or family therapists, or other clinical practitioners, social workers are ever-present in private practice. They treat mental illnesses and help people cope with life’s tribulations. Some specialize and work with certain populations.


Like working with children? Social workers in schools collaborate with students, parents, and staff to help ensure that students thrive. They provide direct and indirect services and organize community resources. In today’s rapidly diversifying world, bilingual skills are a plus for school social workers.

Criminal Justice & Corrections

Across the criminal justice system, social workers make a difference: They’re domestic violence prevention advocates, corrections social workers, and dedicated practitioners helping young people rehabilitate their lives. Prison social workers address distinct challenges and issues and benefit from specialized training.

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Social workers are critical members of healthcare teams, working closely with doctors, nurses, and specialists. In hospitals, nursing homes, residential treatment centers, and assisted care facilities, they serve as medical social workers, discharge planners, clinical coordinators, case managers, and more.

Community Organizations

Some practitioners dedicate themselves to a more macro approach and empower communities through on-the-ground organizing, social services agencies, government work, and public health departments. They act as catalysts for positive change on variety of local issues by bringing citizens together.

Corporations & Nonprofits

Cultural competency, critical thinking, direct and effective communication—the wide variety of skills social workers possess leads them to success in the boardroom as executive directors, assistant directors, and directors of social responsibility for corporations and nonprofits.

What Type of Social Worker Do You Want to Be?

As a budding social worker, which of these fields would you most like to work in? Let us know in the comments below, or download our program guide to learn more about earning your Master of Social Work online:

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