Your Pathway to Making a Difference with UNE Online

Discover the Vital and Rewarding World of Public Health: Your Pathway to Making a Difference with UNE Online

In an ever-changing world, the field of public health stands as a pillar of stability and hope, dedicated to preventing disease and promoting wellness in communities. Public health professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our societies are safe, healthy, and thriving. For those passionate about making a tangible difference in the world, pursuing a career in public health is both interesting and rewarding. The University of New England (UNE) Online offers a comprehensive and flexible pathway to enter this vital field through their Master’s of Public Health program which is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

Why Public Health Matters

Public health is about prevention and proactive care. It’s the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. This field encompasses a wide range of activities, from developing policies to conducting population health surveillance. Public health professionals address critical issues such as infant mortality, chronic diseases, and disaster preparedness. By working in public health, you contribute to a healthier, safer world.

Public Health Saves Money and Improves Quality of Life A healthy population means reduced healthcare costs and enhanced economic productivity. When people are healthy, they can work, learn, and participate more fully in society, leading to an improved quality of life for everyone.

Empowering Children and Families Healthy children grow into healthy adults. Public health initiatives ensure that kids have access to essential resources, including healthcare, nutrition, and safe environments. This leads to better school attendance and performance, setting a foundation for a successful future.

Reducing Human Suffering Public health is also about preparedness. It educates communities on the effects of lifestyle choices and prepares them for potential disasters, reducing the impact of catastrophes like hurricanes, tornadoes, and other unexpected events.

A Diverse and Unified Profession

Public health is not a single discipline but a collaborative effort involving professionals from various fields. Whether you are an emergency responder, health educator, policymaker, scientist, nurse, social worker, or community planner, there is a place for you in public health. This diversity allows for a comprehensive approach to solving health problems and protecting the population.

Real-World Examples of Public Health in Action

  • Vaccination Programs: Preventing the spread of diseases among children and adults.
  • Drug Safety Regulation: Ensuring prescription drugs are safe and effective.
  • Workplace Safety Standards: Protecting the health and safety of workers.
  • Clean Water and Air Initiatives: Ensuring communities have access to essential resources.
  • Obesity Reduction Campaigns: Promoting healthy lifestyles to combat childhood obesity.
  • School Nutrition Programs: Providing nutritious food to support children’s growth and development.

Your Pathway to Public Health: UNE Online

If you’re inspired to join this vital field, the University of New England offers an exceptional online Master of Public Health and Graduate Certificate in Public Health programs. Here’s why UNE Online is the perfect choice:

Flexibility UNE’s fully online format allows you to study on your schedule, making it possible to balance your professional and personal commitments while advancing your education.

Expert Faculty Learn from experienced public health professionals who bring real-world insights and expertise to your education, providing you with practical knowledge that you can apply in your career.

Comprehensive Curriculum UNE’s curriculum covers all essential aspects of public health, including policy development, health promotion, and disease prevention, ensuring you are well-prepared for a variety of roles in the field.

Career Advancement A Master’s in Public Health from UNE Online opens doors to numerous career opportunities, from health education and policy analysis to epidemiology and community health planning.

Join a Community Dedicated to Health and Wellness

Enrolling in the University of New England’s online Master’s program in Public Health means becoming part of a community dedicated to making a difference. You’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle public health challenges and improve the well-being of populations worldwide.

Explore more about how you can contribute to the health and wellness of communities and embark on a rewarding career in public health by visiting UNE’s Online Master’s in Public Health Program. Take the first step towards a fulfilling and impactful career today!

Want to hear more from our Public Health Alumni? 

“What drew me to the MPH program itself was the diversity of the curriculum. As a clinical informatics specialist I knew that I would really enjoy the clinical side of public health, but I also very much enjoyed learning about other aspects of public health…I [also] worked full time throughout the entire program, so that flexibility allowed me to really dive in head first. It provided me the ability to pursue my education without sacrificing any other aspects of my life.” -Rose Aitcheson, UNE Master of Public Health Graduate

“I see it as a trajectory forward. It won’t change like my job description right now, but having my MPH will help me in the future – I will be qualified to take on different projects and cooperate with NGOs such as the World Health Organization and the Peace Corps, and work with them at the population level. Education opens doors, and I am looking forward to seeing what new public health opportunities will be opened for me in the future. I am grateful for the accommodations made by the faculty at UNE that made it possible for me to graduate on time and to have this degree right now. I am proud to be a fresh graduate of the University of New England, and I will strive to make the UNE community proud as well.” -Sarah Kilgore, RN, MPH

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