Science Prerequisites for Health Professionals: Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started


  • How and when can I register?
    Even though courses start every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, you can register for any of our online courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online. You must be registered for your class by 12:00 noon EST on the Monday before the class starts. To register for a course, please visit our Online Registration Site. Full payment is due at the time of registration.


  • How long do I have to complete my course(s)?
    Students have a maximum of 16 weeks from the official course start date to complete their courses. Courses can be completed more quickly if the student is able to commit extra time to their studies.
  • What does a “self-paced” course really mean?
    “Self-paced” does not mean you have the luxury of taking as much time as you want to complete a course.  Courses in the SPHP program are designed to take up to 16 weeks to complete and so you have a maximum of 16 weeks from the official start date to complete them.
  • What if I finish my course before 16 weeks?
    If you complete the course before the allotted 16 weeks, you are able to request your grade/transcript as soon as you complete the course. You do not have to wait until the end of the 16 weeks for your transcript. Be sure to check your unofficial transcript for accuracy prior to ordering an official copy.
  • What happens if my course end date is approaching and I don’t believe I will finish on time?
    Students are expected to complete all coursework by the appointed end date of the course. Those who don’t will receive the earned grade, including zeros for any incomplete assignments/assessments, on their official transcript. Under very extenuating circumstances and prior to the end of their course, the student may petition their instructor for a temporary grade of Incomplete. The Incomplete grade policy can be found on this page:
  • Will these credits be accepted by my college, university or professional school?
    You are strongly advised to check with someone of authority at the school of your choice to be sure distance credits are accepted.
  • Do I need to come to the campus of the University of New England in order to take one of your online courses?
    No, all courses can be completed online without leaving your home.
  • Who can I contact for general course information?
    For general course information, such as registration, questions regarding financial aid, etc. please contact an Enrollment Counselor at 1-855-325-0894 or
  • Can I retake a course?
    In many cases, yes. Except in cases in which a student has violated the academic integrity policy and is prohibited from taking additional SPHP courses, students are allowed and encouraged to retake a course. Students, however, must receive approval from the program office before they can re-enroll in a course already taken in the SPHP program. In addition, to prevent any violations of academic integrity, a student must wait until at least the next semester (semesters start in June, September, January) and must have completed or withdrawn from the original course and must have contacted their instructor to ensure they are no longer an active student in the course. Situations in which a student is active in two or more sections of the same course are a violation of academic integrity that will be reviewed by the program manager for possible penalties (see section on academic integrity below).
  • Should I ever create a second student account?
    No. Once a student has created a student account at UNE, they have an official academic record. Students who are found to have a second UNE account for any reason will trigger an investigation by the program manager and the registrar. If the accounts show the student listed under two different names, it is fraud. If it is determined that a second account was deliberately created to avoid disciplinary action, to secure a higher GPA, or for any other illicit reason, penalties will be applied. Such penalties could include a minimum of a Failing grade in a course up to being barred from taking additional courses in the SPHP program. In addition, the accounts will be combined by IT and all grades earned under each account will be calculated into the final GPA. If you have any questions regarding your student account and how to re-enroll in a course, please contact an enrollment counselor at or at 1-855-325-0894.
  • What should I do if I have married or legally changed my name for any other reason?
    If your name has legally changed, you will want to amend your student record. To do so, you simply need to submit a change of name form to the registrar. The form can be found at this link: Change of Name Form
  • What is the Incomplete Policy?
    The Incomplete grade policy can be found on this page:
  • Will I have any communication with my Instructor?
    Yes. Most communication with your instructor will occur through course messages although you may occasionally have a phone conversation. The best way to get in touch with your instructor will be provided to you in the course syllabus.
  • What is the academic integrity policy?
    Here at UNE, we value academic integrity in all aspects of the educational experience. Academic dishonesty in any form undermines this standard and devalues the original contributions of others. It is the responsibility of all members of the University community to actively uphold the integrity of the academy; failure to act, for any reason, is not acceptable. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to the following:
    1. Cheating, copying, or the offering or receiving of unauthorized assistance or information.
    2. Fabrication or falsification of data, results, or sources for papers or reports.
    3. Action which destroys or alters the work of another student.
    4. Multiple submission of the same paper or report for assignments in more than one course without permission of each instructor.
    5. Plagiarism, the appropriation of records, research, materials, ideas, or the language of other persons or writers and the submission of them as one’s own.
    In addition, the creation and/or use of a second student account at UNE is a violation of academic integrity. Charges of academic dishonesty will be reviewed by the Program Manager. Penalties for students found responsible for violations may depend upon the seriousness and circumstances of the violation, the degree of premeditation involved, and/or the student’s previous record of violations.  An appeal of a decision may be made to the Dean whose decision will be final.  Student appeals will take place through the grievance process outlined in the CGPS Student Handbook.
  • Is the University accredited?
    The University of New England is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Course Materials



  • Will I be able to get a tutor through UNE if I need one?
    We are not in a position to provide tutors for our students not matriculated in a program. If you need a tutor, we suggest you contact your local high school, college or university to see if someone there will be able to tutor you in your course.


  • What are my options for taking the final exam?
    Students enrolling into UNE Online Pre-health courses are required to take their proctored exams online using Proctor U. We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your web browser, and have an Internet connection through an Ethernet cable for all online proctored exams). The University of New England has contracted with Proctor U to provide students taking any one of our online courses with the most convenient, at home, online exam proctoring system. This system provides a simple, no cost to the student, secure, online proctor for all of your exams. This system allows the student to take all of the exams at home and on their own schedule. For further information on taking online exams visit
  • What do I need in order to take my final exam online using Proctor U?
    You will need two forms of ID with your name on them for the exam. At least one form of ID must also have your picture. Technical Requirements for Proctor U:
    • PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 with 256 MB of RAM or higher
    • Mac: Mac OS10.4 or higher
    • A webcam with 640×480 video pixel resolution
    • Headphones or working speakers connected to the computer
    • A microphone connected to the computer (we recommend having a webcam that has a built-in microphone)
    • A high-speed Internet connection (minimum 768 Kbps/128 Kbps). We recommend connecting your computer directly to your router with an Ethernet cable for any proctored exams.
    • A web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. (Google Chrome recommended for Proctor U website)
    • Authority to allow remote access to your computer and screen by one of our proctors (proctors should be able to walk you through this process if needed).
  • What happens if I need to reschedule my exam date with Proctor U?
    Proctor U may charge you a fee from $5.00 to $8.50 for rescheduling, canceling or technical troubles. The university will not refund this expense.
  • When must I schedule my exam with Proctor U?
    Proctor U requires a minimum of a 72-hour notice prior to your exam date. Scheduling an exam without the required 72-hour notice will result in a scheduling fee that is the students’ responsibility.
  • Will my accommodations be honored at the University of New England for extended time on exams?
    Students who wish to have accommodations in their online courses at UNE must contact UNE’s Office of Disability Services to go through the approval/prescription process.  An accommodation from another university will not be honored without being vetted through UNE’s ODS.  Should a student receive accommodations through UNE’s ODS, they will only be honored if the student decides to share this information with the course instructor.  Once that occurs, the accommodations will take effect and be honored.  Should a student wait until a later date in a course to share this information, the accommodations will be honored from then on and will not be retroactive (i.e. a student who has taken a midterm exam without accommodations cannot submit accommodations and retake the midterm exam using those accommodations. However, the accommodations would be in place for all remaining assessments in the course, including the final exam). Disability Services (DS) exists to ensure that the University fulfills the part of its mission that seeks to promote respect for individual differences and to ensure that no person who meets the academic and technical standards requisite for admission to, and continued enrollment at, the University is denied benefits or subjected to discrimination at UNE solely by reason of his or her disability.
    All disability-related inquiries related to online courses may be addressed to: Hahna Patterson, Director of Disability Services Phone: (207) 221-4418 Fax: (207) 523-1919 Email:
  • What happens if I am caught cheating on a proctored exam?
    At UNE, we value academic integrity and take violations of academic integrity very seriously. We believe it is the responsibility of all members of the University community to actively uphold the integrity of the academy. If a student is caught cheating on a proctored exam, the situation is investigated thoroughly by the instructor, the program manager, the team at ProctorU, and sometimes even IT and/or the registrar. Penalties for students caught cheating on an exam will depend upon the seriousness and circumstances of the violation, the degree of premeditation involved, and/or the student’s previous record of violations. Such penalties may include a grade of F on the exam, a final grade of F in the course, and even expulsion from the SPHP program in which the student is no longer allowed to take courses in the program. An appeal of a decision may be made to the Dean whose decision will be final. Student appeals will take place through the grievance process outlined in the CGPS Student Handbook.
  • How soon are grades released after the final exam?
    Once you complete the final exam, you can reach out to your instructor. Usually, the final course grade will be posted by your instructor within a few days after the final exam is completed.

Registrar Policies

  • What action will I need to take if I have to withdraw from a course?
    Students who wish to withdraw from their course must do so by the end of the 8th week (this is the 8th Wednesday following the official start date of the course).  To withdraw, students must complete a withdrawal form found at this link: Once withdrawn, the official transcript will show a W for the course grade. Students are unable to withdraw from a course after the end of the 8th week and will receive their earned grade, including zeros for any incomplete assignments/assessments, at the end of the 16 week period.
  • If I need to withdraw, am I entitled to a refund?
    Refund Policy:
    • 100% refund on or before the official start date of the course.
    • 40% refund within the first week of the official course start date.
    • No refund after the first week of the official course start date.
    For further information concerning Student Financial Services, including billing and refund information, please visit
  • Who do I contact if I need to withdraw?
    To withdraw from a course, please complete the form found at this link: This action will result in a W grade for the course.
  • How many courses can I register for at one time?
    We strongly recommend that students register for only ONE course at a time. Because we offer 2 start dates a month, students can register for a second course within a short period of time if they find the course load is manageable with their personal schedule. Please keep in mind that, while all our courses are rigorous, some have more intense workloads than others and will require a greater time commitment to complete. For inquiries regarding potential enrollment multiple courses, please call an Enrollment Counselor at 1-855-325-0894 or email
  • If there are prerequisites listed for my desired course, can I register for both that course and the prerequisite(s) at the same time?
    No. If your desired course has prerequisite courses listed, it means that you need a solid understanding of the content in those prerequisite courses before you can be successful in the desired course. Students need to complete any prerequisite courses in their entirety and with a passing grade before enrolling in the desired course. Examples of these include but are not limited to BIOL 1010 before BIOL 1011, CHEM 1010 before CHEM 1011, CHEM 1020 before CHEM 1021, CHEM 1020 before CHEM 1005, etc.
  • Do I need to provide transcripts before I can register for a course?
    No, you do not need to provide transcripts prior to registering for a course. However, you will be asked if you meet the course prerequisites. Individual prerequisite info is on each individual course page. It is expected that students will answer this honestly and will complete any prerequisites prior to enrolling in a course. These prerequisites inform you of what content you are expected to know in order to perform well in a course.
  • How can I request a transcript?
    Please always check your unofficial transcript at U-Online for accuracy before you request an official transcript. Methods of Request:
    1. Official College Transcripts may be requested through self-service on U-Online 24/7.  Go to: Student Services, then Records, then select Request Printed/Official Transcript
    2.  You can print the Transcript Request Form, then mail or FAX it as indicated by the directions on the bottom of the form.  On the form, please check “Online / Distance Learning.”
    If you have questions, call the Registrar’s office at (207) 602-2473 to speak with a representative of Registration Services.
  • How long after course completion does it take to order and receive a transcript?
    It generally takes about a week for the transcript to be processed once the instructor has posted the grade and you have submitted a request to the Registrars Office.



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