For the Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) program

Students are expected to complete all course work by the appointed end date of the course. Under very extenuating circumstances, a student may petition the course instructor in writing for an Incomplete (I) grade. The petition must include an expected date of course completion and any other conditions stipulated by the instructor. The I grade must be changed within the time limit imposed by the course instructor, but no more than four weeks following the end of the course. Failure to complete the work within the time period imposed by the instructor will result in the student receiving the earned grade, including zeros for any incomplete assignments/assessments.

To qualify for a grade of “Incomplete” the student must be:

  • Currently on track to complete the course with a passing grade
  • Able to show consistent progress within the course
  • Able to document a severe extenuating circumstance that hindered progress in the course
  • Able to show a history of communication with the faculty member regarding course progress and/or the extenuating circumstance

If a student can answer yes to all of the above, they may apply to the faculty member for a grade of Incomplete. 

Circumstances such as work obligations, other coursework demands, studying for entrance exams, the routine care of family members, and other predictable or expected events are not considered extenuating circumstances and do not qualify for a grade of Incomplete.

The request for a grade of Incomplete must be submitted to the faculty member at least seven (7) days before the end of the course.

Students ineligible to receive an “Incomplete”

Students who have not yet begun their course, have made minimal progress in the course, are not on track to pass, have not experienced a severe extenuating circumstance, have not been in contact with their faculty member, and/or whose course end date has passed are not eligible for a grade of Incomplete.

If you are not eligible for an “Incomplete”

If a student is determined not eligible to receive an “Incomplete” in the course, the final course grade will be the earned grade at the end of the 16 week period, including zeros for any incomplete assignments/assessments.




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