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Student Support

At UNE, we are committed to providing our online students with the highest level of academic and personal support as they continue their education. The science prerequisite post-baccalaureate sequence was created to fit the schedule of busy individuals, and as such we realize that students in these programs need easy access to resources that can help them manage the course requirements, along with their career and home life. 

Academic Calendar

Student resources

UNE offers a variety of academic, technical, and administrative support to assist you.

Upon enrolling in a post-baccalaureate course, your UNE student service advisor will be there to provide support and answer any questions you may have – from questions on textbooks, to registration, and more. This support is provided in addition to the tremendous support you receive from program staff, course instructors and fellow classmates. 

Science Prerequisites for Health Professions program support

Your student service advisor is your contact within the UNE. You’re encouraged to contact your student service advisor for:

  • Any questions you have about textbooks or other course resources.
  • Assistance with course registration.
  • Change of address, phone, or email.
  • If you are having difficulty contacting a faculty member.
  • If you have difficulty navigating the course site or using course tools.
  • General course information or questions.



If you have any questions about registration, the coursework or course requirements, please reach out to one of our student service advisors at the email or phone number below.


If you intend to use VA Benefits or Military Tuition Assistance, please do not use the self-registration portal. Please call (855) 325-0894 to be directed to the appropriate office for assistance or view our Veteran Benefits page for more info.