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Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

CHEM 1021L: Online Organic Chemistry II Lab

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The laboratories that accompany Online Organic Chemistry II are similar to those performed by students in an Organic Chemistry II lab setting on any college or university campus, with one major exception. The experiments are performed online using Virtual ChemLab, Organic Synthesis and Qualitative Analysis v.2.5, designed by Brian F. Woodfield and Merritt B. Andrus at Brigham Young University.

“Virtual ChemLab, Organic Synthesis and Qualitative Analysis is a collection of realistic simulations of organic synthesis and organic qualitative analysis. In these laboratories, students are put into a virtual environment where they are free to make the choices and decisions that they would confront in an actual instructional laboratory setting and, in turn, experience the resulting consequences.”

“The general features of the organic simulation include the ability to synthesize products; work-up reaction mixtures and perform extractions; use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Infrared Spectroscopy, and Thin-Layer Chromatography as analytical tools; and purify products by distillation or recrystallization. The simulation allows for over 1,000,000 outcomes for synthesis experiments.”

The laboratories are appropriate for college-level Organic Chemistry II courses for pre-health science majors at challenging institutions. An emphasis is placed on understanding the concept of the laboratories and the scientific method since today’s healthcare professionals are expected to have a general understanding of how science and the scientific method contribute to their profession.

An introduction to each laboratory is provided, relating the lab content to the corresponding course lecture and emphasizing the relevance to the Health Sciences. The labs are a good fit for pre-medical, dental, PA, DPT, pharmacy and nutrition students.

If you need the corresponding Lecture

Organic Chemistry II is designed for the student to take the lecture (CHEM1021) and lab (CHEM1021L) concurrently in order to earn four credits. For the full four credits, you must register for both CHEM1021 and CHEM1021L. For students who only need a specific portion of Organic Chemistry II, however, you have the option to take lecture only (CHEM1021 three credits) or lab only (CHEM1021L one credit).

Important: When selecting lecture and lab within FlexReg, please be sure that the section numbers match. In the event that there is no matching lab number, please select a different lecture, or contact an enrollment specialist.

Section numbers must match for lecture and lab

A list of lab experiments for Organic Chemistry II Lab

  • Solving Spectra Problems
  • Reduction of Monosaccharides
  • Esterification of Fatty Acids
  • Formation of Peptide Bond
  • Ester Hydrolysis
  • Isolation of DNA
  • Alcohol Fermentation
  • Oxidation of Secondary Alcohol
  • Fatty Acid Hydration

What happens if a student messes up an experiment?

Messing up an experiment is part of the learning process and as such should be noted as such. Virtual ChemLabs experimental formats allow students to repeat experiments as necessary. Clarification regarding lab content is available from the course instructor while the student is conducting the lab as well as throughout the entire course for all course content.

How are laboratories graded?

Most labs have a corresponding 10-question quiz; one lab quiz has 50 questions.  In addition, there is a laboratory final exam at the culmination of the course. All quizzes and the final exam are completed online.

Tuition and Fees

Lab only

Credits: 1
Tuition: $360
Total: $360

The cost of the materials is not included in this total.

Enrollment online anytime

You may enroll at any time via our self-service registration portal. Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Your official start date is the date that the course opens and you will have 16 weeks from that date to complete your course.

Courses start on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month

You must be registered for your class by 12:00 noon EST on the Monday before the class starts. Online registration will remain open during holidays when the university is closed. See the UNE Academic Calendar for more details.

Assistance with registration

If you have any questions or need help with registering for your class, please call an Enrollment Counselor at:

(855) 325-0894

or view the online FlexReg course registration tutorial.

If you intend to use VA Benefits or Military Tuition Assistance, please do not use the self-registration portal. Please call (855) 325-0894 to be directed to the appropriate office for assistance.

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