Webinar: A Day in the Life of Health Informatics

Are you curious about health informatics, but want to know more about what your day-to-day workload, life, and environment might look like? You’re in luck!

In our webinar, which live-streamed Thursday, April 25th, UNE Online Health Informatics alumni Irene Chen (of Harvard Children’s hospital) and Michele Marshall (of medical technology company BD) each gave a walk-through of their typical day at work, highlighted successful projects, and compared and contrasted responsibilities in their respective workplace settings.

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With former Program Director Megan Landry as moderator, these experts also recalled their graduate school journey with UNE Online, including which Health Informatics courses had the biggest impact on their working lives. Viewers submitted questions which were answered during the final Q&A portion.

Headshot of Megan LandryHeadshot of Irene ChenHeadshot of Michele Marshall
Moderator: Megan Landry
Former Program Director, Health Informatics
Panelist: Irene Chen
Application Development Specialist II,
Boston Children’s Hospital
Panelist: Michele Marshall
Staff Engineer, Analysts, BD

We’re extra proud of this webinar because Irene and Michele embody the many different backgrounds and career paths that make up the diverse health informatics field. Michele spoke to her decades of experience in the medical technology field, while Irene explained how she more recently shifted from a background in economics to the health informatics field through a chance opportunity while working at Boston Children’s Hospital.

If you’re curious about the effect of technology and data on healthcare—and how you could get your health informatics career started—we welcome you to watch the webinar!

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  1. Not Happy says:

    There is actually no way to watch this webinar. The links just lead you in a circle. Takes you to ‘sign up’, then to a page that has no webinar, nothing to do with a webinar. If you attempt to search for it, it’ll just end up taking you back to the ‘sign up’ page. Worthless design.

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