Another Safe Source of High Quality Copyright-Free Images


It’s amazing how generous people can be with their creations! Pixabay is a website that hosts and allows you to download high-quality copyright-fee images that you can use and reuse any way you want!

They don’t even require attribution, although that is always nice to mention. If your students are creating web pages or any other publishable materials, they may want to explore this site.

The only caution is that you will also see “sponsored images” – they are clearly marked, have a watermark, and are NOT free, but they already went out of their way to make it very obvious, so there is really no confusing them!

What is Pixabay?

And just a nice touch, you can always buy your favorite volunteer photographer a coffee (donate to the site).

I have written about using Google search to find copyright-free images in the past. Remember this blog is filled with invaluable tips, so set aside time to explore it!

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One response to “Another Safe Source of High Quality Copyright-Free Images”

  1. Colleen Lundgren says:

    Thank you Olga . I just checked out Pixabay as you suggested and it appears to have a great variety of high quality images and will fit my needs nicely. Thanks again.

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