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The Master of Science in Applied Nutrition online program at UNE, offered through the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, strives to enhance, expand and enrich learning opportunities in the field of Applied Nutrition. The UNE Online staff is invested in the success of each student from application to graduation and beyond. It is through a student-centered approach that UNE Online is able to uphold a solid commitment to its students to ensure that they receive a high quality, rigorous education that provides a true return on investment in their professional career.

All UNE Online students engage in research and scholarship alongside dedicated faculty who are committed to their academic and professional success. Our academic programs ensure that students have plenty of opportunities for fieldwork, clinical experiences, research, and global experiences at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. UNE Online provides all its students around the world a vast variety of quality resources from personalized student support to online technical troubleshooting.

Choosing the Applied Nutrition online program at UNE

The Master of Science in Applied Nutrition online program at UNE Online features a scholar-practitioner faculty model, and high-quality, regionally-accredited course content offered completely online in a supportive atmosphere.

As an online student, you will earn a competitive degree by taking academically rigorous courses. At every step of your academic career, you will have a dedicated Student Support Specialist to guide you along your academic journey giving you the very best opportunities for success.

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The UNE Online learning platform:

  • Is flexible and convenient, providing 24/7 access to course materials
  • Encourages student interaction and increases instructor accessibility
  • Facilitates increased knowledge through interaction with a global and diverse population of students and faculty
  • Encourages research and practice through course assignments that are practical & applied

100% online, to fit your schedule

UNE is innovative, an established leader in the health professions, and is also ranked annually as one of the best universities in America by U.S. News & World Report.

Master of Science in Applied Nutrition

The Master of Science in Applied Nutrition at UNE Online is a 36 credit graduate degree for professionals looking to advance their career in the field of nutrition.


The mission of the Master of Science in Applied Nutrition online program is to prepare individuals for leadership roles in the field of nutrition, to advance knowledge, and to expand skills that promote excellence and innovation in all areas of nutrition practice. This is accomplished through the emphasis of evidence-based best practices that support the well-being and health outcomes of individuals, families, and communities through education, research, and service.

Credentialing statement

The University of New England’s M.S. in Applied Nutrition online program does not provide a pathway to Registered Dietitian (RD) credentialing and a verification statement cannot be provided upon completion of the program. Rather, this M.S. in Applied Nutrition provides students with an advanced degree that helps students prepare for leadership roles in the nutrition field.

Program highlights

Current Applied Nutrition students have recognized that the relevant, up-to-date course content helps them remain engaged with the program while offering opportunities to engage with projects that complement their current work. Additional benefits include:

  • 36 credit hour program
  • Complete your degree in as quickly as two years
  • 100% online – no campus visits required
  • Learn anytime from any place
  • Dynamic faculty of scholar-practitioners, researchers and educators
  • Regionally Accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education

As a graduate of the Applied Nutrition online program, you will be able to:

  • Develop and demonstrate the application of nutrition concepts and define best practices for health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Describe and apply core research ethics, principles, and analytical techniques of measuring the nutritional status and environment of individuals and communities.
  • Demonstrate adept communication and collaboration with representatives from various government, non-profit, community, and business entities.
  • Correctly interpret and modify explanations of complex nutrition concepts for various audiences through multiple communication channels.
  • Research, develop and disseminate evidence-based and theory-driven educational materials and work-products at an audience appropriate level for topics related to nutrition and health promotion.

Defining academic success

Measurement of student learning outcomes will be accomplished through a combination of coursework, written papers, and authentic real-world projects.

Curriculum overview

The Applied Nutrition graduate program is designed for people who wish to continue working at their full-time position while being concurrently enrolled in a graduate degree program. Courses are taken one at a time, in eight-week terms, with the exception of the capstone and co-req which are offered concurrently over 16 weeks.

In total, all students take six core courses, five electives, and one capstone with co-req. The length of the degree is six semesters (12 eight-week terms), which equates to two full years assuming enrollment in two courses per semester. This flexible timing allows you to customize your course plan based on your specific career goals.

Field experiences

In each capstone course, there is a culminating project and an e-portfolio development project. There are no specific field experiences or clinical rotations in this degree program. Both capstone projects require the student to take concepts mastered in the program and apply them to real-world problems, issues, or developments in the field of nutrition. All required supervision is provided by the course instructor.

Focus areas

We have developed our Master of Science in Applied Nutrition to be fully customizable with optional focus areas:

  • Obesity and Health Promotion
  • Nutrition and Disease Prevention
  • Sustainable Nutrition
  • Flexible: Customize your degree plan

Focus area: Obesity and Health Promotion

Students selecting this focus area will develop skills in and an understanding of the cultural, environmental, psychosocial, physical, and economic factors associated with obesity and how to work toward the alleviation of the impact of obesity in communities and individuals.

Individuals selecting this focus area might have prior knowledge or experience in nutrition, health-related professions, dietetics, wellness, health promotion, psychology, or exercise science and be interested in a career in school nutrition, wellness coaching, weight management services, research, and community programs related to obesity.

Focus area: Nutrition and Disease Prevention

Students selecting this focus area will develop skills in and an understanding of nutrition-related disease with a focus on disease prevention through evidence-based practice.

Individuals selecting this focus area might have prior knowledge or experience in nutrition, health-related professions, dietetics, wellness, health promotion, business, psychology, or exercise science and be interested in a career in nutrition leadership, workplace wellness management, health coaching, community program development or research.

Focus area: Sustainable Nutrition

Students selecting this focus area will develop skills in and an understanding of global food systems and sustainable approaches to agricultural, production and consumer networks, as well as the interrelationship of socio-economic, environmental and political influences on various aspects of nutrition.

Individuals selecting this focus area might have prior knowledge or experience in nutrition, agriculture, advocacy, health-related professions, dietetics, wellness, or health promotion, and be interested in a career in nutrition advocacy, policy, sustainable food systems and local and global approaches to solving issues in the field of nutrition.

Flexible option: Customize your degree plan

  • Six required core courses
  • Five electives, any combination
  • One capstone course with co-requirement

Regional accreditation

The University of New England is regionally accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE).

“Regional accreditation” refers to the particular standards by which schools in a certain region are judged. Accreditation takes into account a school’s academic resources, financial resources, the quality of programs, faculty credentials, mission statements, and even admission requirements. In the United States, earning regional accreditation indicates that an institution or program provides a high-quality education.

The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) is the regional accreditation agency for colleges and universities in the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Part of their mission is to encourage and assist in the improvement, effectiveness and excellence of affiliated educational institutions.

State certification requirements for nutrition licenses

Earning your master’s degree in Applied Nutrition is just one step towards achieving your ideal career. It should be noted that UNE Online’s Applied Nutrition degree does not lead to a registered dietitian (RD) credentialing and a verification statement cannot be provided upon completion of the program. That being said, the degree does provide advanced knowledge and skills that can enhance your career in the nutrition and health industries.

States have varying requirements as to who can legally provide nutrition care, so be sure to check the interactive map of license requirements by state.

Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) statement

The Certified Nutrition Specialist® designation is the gold standard credential for advanced nutrition professionals. The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS) requires a graduate degree in the field of nutrition from a regionally accredited university, specific coursework, and 1,000 hours of supervised experience.

BCNS reviews each candidate individually, including current course descriptions, transcripts, and experience, to determine eligibility. The University of New England’s Master of Science in Applied Nutrition online program fulfills all the current academic requirements for the CNS.

Careers in nutrition

Applied Nutrition careers in today’s job market

Getting your Master’s in Applied Nutrition will prepare you to be an Applied Nutrition practitioner. You will gain in-depth knowledge of nutrition and insight into evidence-based best practices and master the skills required to become a leader in the field.

The demand for knowledgeable nutrition professionals has rapidly grown in recent years as global health trends reveal undisputed links between diet and health. Changes in the healthcare environment expanded reimbursement policies in the 2010 Affordable Care Act, consumer interest in natural, functional, and fresh foods, and a growing public interest in nutrition and diet research have led to a demand for differentiation amongst nutrition professionals.

Dependent on your interests, previous education and credentials, and your state of residence, some jobs in the field of nutrition may include:

  • Industry Consultant (product development, testing, branding, marketing)
  • Wellness and/or Nutrition Coach
  • Nutrition Communications Specialist
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Social Media Content Provider
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Nutrition Education Specialist
  • Nutrition and Wellness Writer
  • Corporate or Non-Profit Nutrition and Wellness Program Manager
  • Curriculum Consultant
  • Restaurant/Catering/Institutional Food Consultant
  • Weight Management Specialist

Advanced career possibilities with an M.S. in Applied Nutrition could include:

  • Health and Nutrition Educator
  • Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Applied Nutrition
  • Personal Fitness and Nutrition Coach
  • Behavioral and Disordered Eating Consultant
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Food Service Manager


What UNE Online looks for in an applicant

Successful students have rich backgrounds with a variety of professional and academic experiences. There is no one typical background specific to the successful student, but rather they are characterized by a lifelong curiosity, a natural perseverance, and an inclination to take on new challenges. The ability to learn and adapt to new tools and technology is an asset in this program, and students with the capacity to manage multiple competing priorities are most successful in our online learning environment.

Student support

At UNE, we believe that a successful student is a supported student. To that end, we offer a variety of academic, technical, and administrative support options to assist you on your academic journey.

Upon acceptance into the Applied Nutrition online program, your Student Support Specialist becomes your primary contact within the college. They act in an advisory capacity, provide support, and answer any questions you may have – from questions on textbooks to registration to financial aid – in order to assist you along your student journey.

This is all provided in addition to the tremendous support you receive from program staff, course instructors, and fellow classmates.

Your dedicated Student Support Specialist will help you with:

  • Notifications about textbooks and other course resources
  • Course or schedule revisions
  • Assistance with course registration
  • Change of address, phone, or email
  • Contacting a faculty member
  • Navigating Blackboard or using course tools
  • General non-academic course information or questions

Student Success Portal

Dedicated exclusively to our online students, the UNE Online Student Success Portal is an all-in-one website maintained by UNE Online for community news, additional resource links, tutoring services, opportunities, contact info, and key dates to remember.

Financial aid

More than 90% of UNE students receive some form of financial aid. We recognize that investing in your future is a significant financial commitment, so the Financial Aid Office at UNE is available to assist you in finding the financial means necessary to achieve your educational goals.

To begin your own student journey

Contact an enrollment counselor! They are available to discuss your degree plan, answer questions about the program, help you understand the admission requirements, and assist you throughout the entire application process.

Call (855) 751-4447 or email to get started on your academic journey.

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