Hooding Ceremony 2017

The College of Graduate and Professional Studies congratulates the class of 2017!

Each spring, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies holds a Hooding ceremony to honor doctoral and master’s graduates and celebrate the successful completion of their studies.

The Hooding ceremony is not meant to replace the university-wide commencement. Rather, it is a special time to come together to meet fellow students, Faculty, Program Managers and Student Support Specialists for the first time, and celebrate the fact that our graduates have completed this phase of their journey.

About the 2017 UNE Hooding Ceremony

The hooding ceremony itself is similar to a graduation in that faculty and students are dressed in academic attire. There are opening remarks, a keynote speech, and then the graduates are adorned with a ceremonial item that resembles a hood, “…which,” as Dr. Richard Parent said during his hooding demonstration for students, “is about as functional as it is fashionable.”

During the ceremony, the name of each graduate is called, and the graduate crosses to the center of the stage where the Program Manager places the doctoral hood over their head. This ‘hooding’ of the graduate symbolizes the graduate’s success in completing the graduate program. The graduate then proceeds across the stage, and the dean of College of Graduate and Professional Studies congratulates the graduate.

Those are the mechanics, but the emotions are tremendous.

Speaking of emotional, student speaker Jasmeen Philen, Ed.D, was outstanding in her address to the graduates and guests. Her story is moving and inspirational. We recommend that you watch. There was hardly a dry eye in the crowd of 800 as she spoke.

We hired a professional photographer this year and uploaded his photos to the UNE Online Facebook Photo Album for your perusal – because sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Feel free to tag yourself in the photos!

Facebook Photo Album of Hooding 2017

Click image to link over to the Facebook Photo Album

Hooding at UNE is a heartwarming and emotional event. Connections are made, friendships cemented, and milestones met.

It’s a time that UNE sets aside to specifically to honor our graduates – we are so, so very proud of them.

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