How many students take courses at UNE Online?

The 2018 graduating class in their caps and gownsAs more students enroll in online programs than ever before, UNE Online’s student population and alumni network are growing by leaps and bounds. Our learners now log in all over the world, lending their diverse perspectives to every class and every discussion. Now, as you consider or undertake your educational journey, you can see just how many students are achieving their goals by taking courses through UNE Online and where they’re coming from. Be sure to interact with the maps to see how you can connect with our community through projects like #myUNEOnlineClassroom!

UNE Online students are found in Maine

Let’s start where we started: With two campuses and a strong network right in our backyard, many UNE Online students live, learn, and work here in Maine. This central base is ideal for the occasional in-person student or faculty meet-up, and we delight in holding a physical commencement ceremony for our online grads on the Portland campus every year.  

“UNE creates a community, despite having classmates all across the country.”

Sarah, MSW ’20

UNE Online students are found in the Northeast

As word of the strength and quality of our programs spread, graduate students in the region took note: now, more than 4,000 of our students and alumni call one of the six New England states home, and the Northeast (New England plus NJ, NY, and PA) accounts for more than 35% of our entire student population in the United States. We attribute this in part to word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations, as our best champions are often our own graduates and alumni.  

“One of our MPH students, Natalie, learned of a job opening through her instructor at the time. She immediately applied for it, was hired, and now works side-by-side with that same instructor!”

Elizabeth Benz, Director of Online Student Support

How many students take UNE Online courses in the United States?

The momentum clearly didn’t stop in the Northeast! After years of providing distinguished graduate education, UNE Online now has students and alumni spread throughout all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the Virgin Islands, where they’re undoubtedly applying their education and making significant impacts in their local communities. With such a vast network to draw on, students who need to complete fieldwork or a practicum (a requirement in the MSW, MPH, or MSIN programs) will find steady alumni support as they look for placement across the nation. The map below shows states with students who have been spotlighted in our Vision Blog or who have submitted to #myUNEOnlineClassroom!

How many students take UNE Online courses across the globe?

Finally, the continuing advancement of online learning opened UNE’s innovative instruction to the world, and students have enrolled in UNE Online programs or classes from more than 40 countries so far. In fact, our science prerequisites program has at least one student registered on every single continent outside of Antarctica! When the only place our students need to be is in front of their computer, your higher education and professional goals are easier to achieve than ever.

Where do you learn?

No matter where you are, your location can become your classroom with UNE Online. Our dedicated students often send in photos of their unique study spots, which can range from living rooms to pool sides to kid-filled kitchens and even the great outdoors. We’d love to see your #myUNEOnlineClassroom! Just snap a photo of your personal learning station, tag your location, and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. If you’re not enrolled yet, but find yourself curious about our online programs and courses, you can download our guide:

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