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At UNE Online, the Applied Nutrition graduate program got the summer started as an exhibitor at Nutrition 2018 conference hosted by the American Society of Nutrition (ASN). UNE Online joined 48 other booth exhibitors to welcome over 3,000 guests to share the latest research, science, and technology in nutrition science. Here are some highlights!

What is Nutrition 2018?

Hoping to provide a space where the best in science and health meet, the American Society of Nutrition decided to offer a conference exclusively for nutrition science. Prior to this, ASN hosted an annual meeting around experimental biology. With input from more than 1,000 ASN members, the Nutrition 2018 conference was approved and created to address the specific needs of nutrition professionals and ASN members. This conference resulted in a record-breaking number of exhibitors, attendees, and sponsors. UNE Online proudly took part as one of these sponsors to further our standing as a leader in nutrition science online. We were joined by three additional universities and a variety of industry leaders.

Nutrition 2018 is an immersive nutrition experience offering the top scientific researchers, global health professionals, policy makers, and advocacy leaders to advance nutrition science and its practical application.

Nutrition 2018: Where the best in science & health meet

The demand for knowledgeable Applied Nutrition professionals has rapidly grown in recent years, and global health trends reveal undisputed links between diet and health. As a prominent leader, educator, and innovator within the field of nutrition, UNE Online was thrilled to exhibit at this premier event. We were one of only four universities exhibiting, and we were eager to connect with industry experts and future students to share all the advances and benefits our program offers.

As a guest at the event, UNE Online learned about the latest updates in research-based education and policy changes across the United States, and explored new industry issues practitioners and clients currently face.

“I was excited to see so many colleagues and friends and was thrilled to have the opportunity to network and develop new connections with industry professionals. I enjoyed the inclusion of the ePoster theater. There were so many great educational sessions that my schedule was brimming from early in the morning until well into the evening!”

Ellie Dodge Program Director, M.S. in Applied Nutrition, UNE Online

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A Glimpse at Who Attended

Nutrition 2018 brought together attendees, exhibitors, and speakers spanning 80 countries, with 26% of guests representing international areas. Among the many professional areas in attendance, the top three were lead by members from basic science, clinical research, and epidemiology. The most popular industry backgrounds and affiliations were universities, government agencies, and nonprofits.

Record-setting results included:

  • 49 sponsored booths
  • 3,022 registered attendees, 42% of which were first-time attendees
  • 2,058 abstracts
  • 42 exhibitors
  • 10,567 submitted reviews

Trend Topics & Highlights

Nutrition 2018 offered 20 featured sessions, 2,000 presentations of new, original research, five award lectures, endless workshops, and boundless opportunities to network. Although UNE Online participated as a sponsored booth, we made sure to take advantage of learning more about some key trend topics in nutrition, such as:

  • Nutrition and Natural Disasters
  • Ensuring Trust in Nutrition Science
  • Is a Calorie a Calorie? Reframing the Question
  • Nutrition and Injury Prevention Recovery
  • New Technologies in the food system: How do they fit in? And who decides?
  • Nutrition and Health in an accelerating pace of life


UNE Online: Applied Nutrition

As a sponsor and guest at Nutrition 2018, the Master of Science in Applied Nutrition program at UNE Online was able to connect with professionals, researchers, and intrigued students to share our passion for nutrition science. These interactions helped to strengthen our standing as a leader in the field as we join in motivating others to continue improving the health landscape through nutrition. Many of the presentations and topics discussed reflected the three focus areas our program promotes: obesity and health promotion, nutrition and disease prevention, and sustainable nutrition.

It was our pleasure to join the experts we work with for this event, and we’re grateful for the new faces we interacted with. For more information on our 100% online master’s degree in nutrition:

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