What Can You Do With an EdD?

Dan MickoolThe Doctor of Education (EdD) program at the University of New England’s College of Graduate and Professional Studies focuses on leadership development, problem-based inquiry, and organizational change. This cohort-based program prepares mid-career professionals to transform self, organization, and community through focused, flexible study. However, those considering a Doctorate in Education often ask us how this emphasis on transformation can benefit their careers. In short, “what can you do with an EdD”?

A Diverse Student and Faculty Body Provides Opportunity

The EdD student body is the most diverse audience served by our graduate programs in education. In addition to K-12 education professionals, students in the EdD come from clinical backgrounds in healthcare settings, community colleges, and non-profit community groups and service agencies. Likewise, in addition to holding terminal degrees themselves, our EdD instructors are drawn from a wide variety of professional leadership roles such as K-12, higher education and healthcare administration from across the country. The diversity of our faculty aligns with the diverse professions of our students who are themselves mid-career professionals. This synergy creates opportunities for networking and mentorship beyond the program.


How Long Does it Take to Get an EdD?

The EdD program can be completed in as little as three years, including the dissertation. In fact, approximately 72% our EdD students complete the program in three and a half years. This is in comparison to a national completion average of only 56.6% over a 10 year period for students in doctoral programs (Sowell, Zhang, Redd, & King, 2008).

Furthermore, over 70% of recent EdD graduates report increased leadership or authority as a result of completing their degree, and 57% of graduates reported using their research in a professional context since completing the program.

Our graduates’ successes speak to the commitment of staff and faculty to the success of our students by overcoming the barriers that derail so many in the pursuit of a doctorate.

See What You Can Do With an EdD in our Student Profiles

Kylie Bragdon answers, "What can you do with an EdD?"

Kylie Bragdon, UNE Online EdD Student

Recently, we profiled two of our EdD students in an effort to illustrate the varied career paths both have chosen, and to show how their EdD has helped them to become distinct leaders in their fields.

Kylie Bragdon is a student in the EdD program and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Education for an organization called KidsPeace in Ellsworth, Maine. Kylie’s dissertation research is focused on understanding how to create non-traditional education pathways that make sense for the lobstermen in her community. On top of being a principal, an EdD student, and conducting research for her dissertation, Kylie is also running for the Maine State House of Representatives in November. You can watch Kylie’s video profile here.



Dan Mickool graduated from the College of Graduate and Professional Studies in 2017 with his EdD. Dan is currently a faculty member for the University of New England College of Pharmacy, as well as a registered pharmacist. Dan’s dissertation research focused on interprofessional education and teaching. You can view Dan’s video profile here.



Dan and Kylie are just two of our many amazing EdD students and graduates and their journeys illustrate just a fraction of the many pathways, as well as leadership and research opportunities, that come along with earning your EdD at UNE Online.

Now that you’ve seen where the EdD can bring you, get your unique path to transformational leadership started today by downloading our EdD program brochure:

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