Master of Public Health Alumni Profiles

  • Erik Koehne, MPH, 2014

    The MPH program is very flexible and allowed me to balance my coursework with other daily obligations, such as with the Practical Experience at the end of the program, which I conducted remotely from Germany.
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  • Azmo Dol, MPH, 2014

    Online school was to me the hardest thing that I would decide to do. However it turned out to be the best thing that I have done in my life. The faculty said ‘We understand you have children, work and these other obligations… how can we work together? Passion and commitment is what brought you here and we are here to push and get you through.  
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  • Felisha Marques, MPH, 2014

    I enjoyed the variety of the classes offered by the program, and the dedication of the professors. The program offered an immense virtual learning environment with a lot of personal attention from both the faculty and staff.  
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  • Jordan Ehni, MPH, 2014

    I found the MPH program at UNE to be well designed for working professionals. I was able to keep my full-time position as a housing inspector while completing the program. I also greatly enjoyed my practical experience at the Maine CDC, which provided me with a new public health skill set that I will utilize in the future.  
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  • Francesca McCaffrey, DO, MPH, 2013

    The world is my oyster! I haven’t decided on a specialty yet, but I anticipate that whichever service I choose I will use my UNE Public Health training to enhance the medicine I practice.
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  • Kristen Provencher, MPH, 2013

    The Public Health major at UNE presented me with a life changing opportunity during the summer of 2012. I traveled to Ghana, West Africa with about 20 people from the UNE community and beyond. We set up a health clinic and served over 100 people in and around the twin cities of Sekondi and Takoradi. The trip inspired a strong interest in global health and health inequities across the globe.
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  • Starla Hairston Blanks, Current Student

    I was really surprised at how quickly I was able to start applying some of the course work from UNE into my daily applications. I felt like UNE made me a better health professional. 
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  • Comfort Olatunji, MPH, 2012

    I like UNE because it provides integrated learning experiences. The content specific knowledge offered by the department, work experience/linkage with research programs, all of which foster networking opportunities amongst faculty and students.
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  • Kenneth Visalli, DO, MPH, 2012

    The MPH program introduces you to another aspect of medicine that you do not get much of in medical school. At UNE the MPH courses are almost all online giving me the opportunity to work on these courses in between my busy medical school schedule.
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  • Diana Ledger, RN, MPH, 2011

    Not only the instructors, but also the students have helped me to learn and understand public health since everyone comes from such diverse backgrounds. All of these experiences have been important to my professional growth and development.
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  • Thomas F. Tropea, DO, MPH, 2011

    The online MPH program allows me to be able to step out of my role as a physician-in-training, and begin thinking about health from a population perspective. In pursuing a concurrent DO/MPH I feel I will be better prepared to face the challenges of a career in medicine equipped with the tools necessary to think more broadly and abstractly about health concerns.
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  • mph alumni

    Leanne DiMaio, MPH, 2011

    Despite this being an online degree, I felt connected to my classmates and my professors through the use of interactive discussions and group projects within the online classroom. I also thoroughly enjoyed being vice president of the Student Association for Public Health (SAPH).
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  • Lacey McIntosh, DO, MPH, 2010

    The public health program was excellent in availability and the structure of the courses. The syllabi were clearly laid out and the professors were always accessible and available. I liked being a part of a cultural and educational community where we had many different interests, but a similar path to get there.
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  • Jeffrey Taylor, PT, MPH, 2008

    My master of Public Health from the University of New England assisted me in obtaining this exciting and rewarding career and has helped me flourish in it as well. UNE’s MPH program is flexible, challenging and extremely useful from the first to the last course.
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  • Brandon Abbott, MPH, 2008

    Everyone is very kind and attentive, the teachers were very interested and there to help and were very concerned with my progress.
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