Withdraw Policy

  • During weeks two through eight, students can withdraw from the course resulting in a grade of “W” on their transcript.
  • After eight weeks, students are no longer allowed to withdraw from their course(s).
  • Withdrawal dates are found on the “Science Prerequisites for the Health Professions” 2018/2019 Academic Calendar

How to Withdraw from a Course (On or Before Your 8th Week):

After their first week of class students will need request a withdrawal through the Registrar’s office and will have until their 8 week to request this.

  1. Contact your assigned Student Support Specialist who will provide the information and documentation needed to request withdrawal.
  2. You will email the necessary form to: uneregistrar@une.edu.
    *Please note this email must come from your UNE email.
  3. Your withdrawal will be processed in 1-2 business days.

    *A “W” will be reflected on your transcript but will not affect your GPA