Can I Really Complete Labs Online?

Are you considering applying to medical school but need to know whether online lab courses are a viable option? In this post, we answer all your questions about completing labs online through UNE Online’s Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) program and help you decide if this is the right path. 


Yes, You Can Complete Labs Through Online Courses!

Although it may seem daunting initially, you can complete your science labs through our online courses. The SPHP courses utilize at-home and virtual labs to give students the best educational experiences.  

Some of our SPHP courses utilize at-home lab work through Hands-On Labs, which mails lab kits directly to your home. All lab materials are included in the course materials fee. 

Some of our chemistry courses also use Labflow, a powerful software platform that allows you to complete your labs virtually. A Labflow subscription—and everything else you need for the labs—is included in the course materials fee. 

Students use actual chemicals and scientific-grade lab equipment to physically perform the experiments in a non-laboratory location, such as their kitchen. For many students, the hands-on nature of these labs is a huge deciding factor in choosing SPHP courses. Emily Voss, a premed student, explains that she probably would not have taken the course if the labs had been purely digital. The ability to physically do the labs at home was crucial for her as it helped her understand the material and prepare for future courses.


Completing Labs Online Saves Time and Money

Students who take online premed science classes before applying to degree programs often find the labs to be one of their favorite parts of the course. Lab-related expenses are reasonable and run between $100 and $500+ per course.

Online students have access to the same equipment and resources as traditional on-campus courses, but they can complete the lectures and labs in their own time. That means you can keep your full-time job while taking the courses you need to fill in the gaps in your transcript. 

Online courses offer great flexibility for students who have busy schedules or need to balance their studies with other commitments. However, remember that online courses still require a significant investment of time and effort. Students must commit to working steadily throughout the duration of the course. 


Check Out UNE Online’s Prerequisite Classes Today!

Some online prerequisite classes you can take through UNE right now include:

  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Pathophysiology
  • Organic Chemistry

Some UNE courses, such as Immunology, are lecture-only and do not require virtual labs.

If you want to enter a health profession, consider completing your prerequisites online with UNE Online.* Our courses are designed to help you save time and money as you work towards fulfilling the entrance requirements for your dream career. Learn more about the SPHP courses today. 

*It is highly recommended to check with your school or program before enrolling to ensure the credits will be accepted by your college, university, or professional school.

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