Lat Day to Register for End of Life Doula

The University of New England Online College of Professional Studies is offering an 8-week, 100% online End of Life Doula Certificate program designed to provide participants with the skills required to deliver compassionate, informed, and supportive care for individuals and their families who are experiencing terminal illness or are nearing the end of life. With UNE’s proven track record of preparing participants to work in a variety of health professions, this program is ideal for professionals and clinicians already working in the healthcare field to bolster their ability to support patients in end-of-life situations. 

Participants in the End-of-Life Doula Certificate program will develop an understanding of how compassionate care, support, and advocacy through service can complement end-of-life care provided by the medical system. End of Life Doulas may serve as non-medical care providers, who accompany individuals, families, and informal care workers throughout the dying process in anticipation of the end of life while focusing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the dying person and their loved ones.

We are offering a 25% price discount for our first cohort this fall (September 25-November 17). At registration please use Voucher Code VC-0231.

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